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Merv M.

Originally Merv used a different company to manage his claim. He was eventually left in the lurch, as the company didn’t follow through with their service.


He was halfway through having his claim approved and requested a quote from us. We knew that if we just supplied him with a quote for his repair, it would have been higher than what the insurance company planned on paying out. As in most cases like these, not everything that should have been included in Merv’s claim was included.


We sat down with Merv and explained our service. We told him that we would fight for everything he is entitled to, and liaise with the insurance company, and ensure the full sum is paid out to carry out all the repairs. 


If we didn't get involved, Merv would have received his pay out and not had enough money to complete the repairs. Our involvement didn’t occur until several months after the loss adjuster provided that initial quote to Merv. In that time the cost of materials had gone up significantly, Merv would have been left to cover this shortfall.


We organised an up to date quote from our panel of builders, fought to have the up-to-date rates approved, and now Merv has a brand new roof, with no leaks or issues, and no out-of-pocket expense. We even had his solar panels and inverter replaced.


Marie M.

It took us 397 days to have this claim approved but we didn’t give up on our client or succumb to the insurance company’s avoidance tactics. 


Originally Marie’s claim was partially denied, and only a few sheets of whirlybird were replaced. The reason given to Marie was that maintenance had been carried out on the rest of the roof, which is something insurance companies use to avoid payouts quite often


Our client suspected damage to their roof, given all the other homes in their area were having their roofs replaced. They contacted us to assess whether their roof had sustained any further damage, and sure enough, it had.


The insurance company had received reports from two different building companies stating it was maintenance related and therefore they were not going to pay out on the claim. 


We organised for our panel builders to prepare a report and they found hail damage all over the roof. There were some minor maintenance issues but that did not warrant the ability to not pay out on the claim. 


We were eventually able to have the full claim approved, with the current monetary rates. We were able to refer the building work to our panel, and after more than 12 months of fighting, Marie received everything she was entitled to. Throughout this whole process, we communicated with the insurer on her behalf and gave her updates when required. There was barely an interruption to her day-to-day life.


Eric & Molly

Eric & Molly are a mother-son team! We were originally handling a claim for Eric, and he was so impressed with our service that he referred his mum to us. 


Eric noticed our signs in the area, and thought he may as well have his roof checked given many of his neighbours were having rectification works done to their homes. He wasn’t aware of any damage, there were no leaks or obvious signs of damage, but he didn’t want to take the risk of not having an expert take a look.


This was quite a simple claim, there was not a lot of push back on issues raised by any parties and we had the claim approved within 3 months. Most of that time was spent negotiating with the payout figure for Eric, we wanted to get him the highest payout we could. 


Eric was very pleasantly surprised when he learned that we were going to cover part of his excess on top of managing the entire claims process.


All rectification works are complete for both Eric and Molly’s homes.


Jessica O

We were in the area inspecting other properties and our team noticed Jessica’s wobbly whirlybird, so we knocked on her door and let her know of the potential damage to her roof. 


In Jessica’s own words: “The process from the start was very easy and stress free.” 


From the start Jessica appreciated the fact that she did not have to wait on hold with her insurance company, and that our team was able to spend that time on her behalf. 


We lodged Jessica’s claim and it was initially denied. The insurance company stated there was ‘not enough damage’. Based on our assessment of Jessica’s roof, we did not agree with them, and so our appeal process began.


Jessica began to worry. She had actually seen the damage herself, and was devastated when her claim was denied. She didn't want to deal with the stress of fighting with an insurance company. Michelle from our team was Jessica’s knight in shining armour. Michelle assured Jessica that we would see her claim through, and not stop pushing until it was approved.


During our investigation of Jessica’s claim, we discovered  the insurance company only sent one builder out to inspect. We understand insurance builders have very heavy work loads, and it is possible that during an inspection the damage to a roof is not picked up.


It took Michelle around 3 months to get the claim approved. Jessica now sings our praises from the (new) rooftop! From a claim being denied altogether, to a full roof replacement. 


During the whole appeal process we kept Jessica updated often via email and text. Michelle kept reminding Jessica “if insurance pushes back, we will just push harder”.


Damien E.

“We are very happy and astonished with the outstanding outcome that we were not initially expecting” - Damien’s review on Google.  


Damien’s claim was partially denied before he engaged us. He saw our sign on a neighbours property that had our QR code on the bottom. He scanned the code and it led him through to our explainer videos, and after Damien learned about our service he decided to enquire.


A few days later we were able to attend his property. We started our investigation into why his claim was denied. We noticed there was very clearly damage to Damiens roof, so we reopened the claim and started our process.


Damien was so comfortable with our service that everytime the insurance company tried to contact him directly, he would refer them straight back to his case manager. This is the best way for a client to handle the situation, it makes for a much smoother process for all involved.


A few months later Damien’s claim was approved. Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of the Rebuild Relief team, Damien has the brand new roof that he was entitled to all along.

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