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  • What’s the cost of the roof inspection?
    The roof inspection is FREE, we provide you with a set of photos with peace of mind as to whether you're roof may be hail damaged.
  • Does Rebuild Relief assist with all roof types?
    We have chosen to specialise in metal roofs as these are generally the most difficult to identify damage with. For instance, if you have a cracked tile you will see the water leak inside the house.
  • Even though my roof isn’t leaking, could I still have damage?
    In our experience, leaks may not start straight away. While leaks may not show up immediately, they often lead to more significant issues over time, like mould and structural damage. Delaying an insurance claim can complicate matters, potentially leading to claim denials and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • How do you save us up to $600?
    We are able to contribute up to $600 towards your excess. When your repairs are completed by a recommended repairer, we are paid a referral from the repairer. If your excess is $800, we contribute $600 toward the recommended repairer and you will need to contribute the balance of the excess being $200 to the recommended repairer once the building contract is signed and the repair settlement is paid into your bank account for the repairs.
  • Why should I use your service?
    Our service exists to assist you on your insurance claim journey. Our goal is to serve you with a seamless claims management solution, reducing the stress and time it takes to manage a claim. We pride ourselves on being independent to the insurance companies, allowing us to be dedicated to getting you the best outcome. We work for you!
  • How is this different from going directly through my insurance company?
    Our main differences are: We will handle the claim and complexities on your behalf. This means our team will; • Sit on hold for countless hours while you go about your day-to-day. • Follow up with your insurer regularly and provide you with updates. • Manage the complexities of the process, updating you at every key milestone. • We have 100+ 5 star reviews and a high success rate with the claims we lodge.
  • If I make a claim will my premium go up?
    When a region is affected by natural disasters like hailstorms, insurance premiums for the affected areas may increase due to elevated risk levels. These changes can be influenced by factors such as annual updates to insurance records reflecting recent weather activities and the collective repair efforts of residents in the same region. It's worth noting that premiums may rise simply due to the location, even without making a claim. Therefore your claim may or may not affect your premiums.
  • Do I need to be home for the inspection?
    No, you do not need to be home as our inspectors just need to access the roof, usually from the garage, patio or any other easily accessible point.
  • What happens next?
    After your inspection, you'll receive a report, providing a highlight of the damage. If we identify significant issues, pursuing a claim on your insurance may be the best course of action. On the other hand, if the damage is minimal and does not warrant an insurance claim, we will communicate that with you also. Please keep an eye on your emails to continue the process alongside Rebuild Relief and ClaimsCo.
  • How is Rebuild Relief paid?
    Our services are provided on a conditional NO-WIN, NO-FEE basis. We are remunerated in two ways: i) The main way we are paid for our services is via a referral fee from a licensed recommended repairer at the completion of your repairs. ii) Another option, if you choose not to have the repairs completed by one of our recommended repairers, a service fee will apply for the services provided by us to manage your claim. Refer to your Engagement Letter for further details relevant to your individual claim.
  • Why wouldn’t I just get my insurance company to inspect?
    We pride ourselves on being different to the insurance companies (as we do not sell insurance products). Our team is highly trained for hail damage and has the training and tools to inspect any potential damage from a hail storm. Backed by 100’s of 5 star reviews and a high success rate, our team is dedicated to working in your best interests and to not overlook any potential damages or risk.
  • Can you manage a claim I have already lodged or been denied for?
    A new claim is more effective for our team to gain a successful outcome, but if you've already begun and you are experiencing issues, we can step in based on your prior insurer interactions. Our success stories include turning denied claims into approvals. If your claim has faced denial or partial approval, reach out to us without delay for fast assistance.
  • What happens if I leave my roof damaged?
    You may not notice the effects of damage immediately after a hail storm. However, if the damage is not repaired, your home may face major issues in the future. This may include issues with rust as well as potential water leaks. You may not notice the leaks until it's too late and further damage occurs. If there has been any hail in your area, we encourage you to take advantage of our free inspection to determine potential damages to your property to make the decision if you will make a claim for any damages. Some policies may have time limits to lodge a claim once you notice any damages.
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