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Understanding the True Impact of the Hailstorm in Roma, QLD

Updated: Jan 18


On November 2nd, 2023, the town of Roma in Queensland, Australia was hit by an unexpected hailstorm of unprecedented severity, causing significant damage to properties and businesses in the area. In this blog post, we will explore the profound impact of this event and highlight the resilient response of the local community.

dark sky, stormy weather

About Roma:

Roma is a rural town located in the Maranoa Region of Queensland about 6 hours West of the coastline with a population of 6,838. The town has a total area of 78.1 square kilometres and a total of 3,448 homes. The demographics of the town are fairly even, with 48.5% male and 51.5% female.

The Hailstorm's Unpredictable Nature:

The hailstorm that hit Roma in November was unexpected, catching many residents and businesses off guard, and leaving behind a trail of destruction. This was particularly surprising as November is typically associated with warmer weather and the anticipation of summer.

During the storm, the hailstones were as large as 5cm in diameter and had a supercell-like appearance. Heavy rain accompanied these hailstones with wind gusts of 104 km/h. The damage caused during this event was extensive, with the red zone indicating areas of major damage as illustrated in the image below, taken from Hail Trace.

Hail trace map of Roma

The Bureau of Meteorology had also reported the thunderstorm warnings at 3:21 pm on the 4th of November describing the heavy rainfall and hail 4cm in diameter.

BOM post t

Preparing for Future Weather Events:

It is imperative for residents and business owners to stay informed and ready for any future weather events. Taking proactive measures, like strengthening roofs and securing loose objects, can help reduce the impact of unexpected storms.

Weather Advisory and Forecast Updates:

Make sure to stay up-to-date with weather advisories and forecasts issued by local authorities. We will feature the best 5 weather apps to use in Australia in our next blog post. Being well-informed will enable you to take necessary precautions and protect your property and belongings.


The recent hail storm that hit Roma, 4455 in November is a reminder of how unpredictable the weather can be. Rebuild Relief stands ready to assist the Roma residents who have endured hail damage. Offering FREE roof inspections and expert insurance claims management, Rebuild Relief is committed to helping you navigate the path to recovery. Together, as a resilient community, we can rebuild stronger and more prepared than ever before.

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