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Looking Back at the Newcastle Hailstorm: 6 Months On

Updated: Jan 18

Two roof inspectors having a conversation with Rebuild branded van at Newcastle beach


It's been six months since the devastating hailstorm hit the Hunter and Central Coast regions of New South Wales on a Friday afternoon in May 2023. In our previous blog post titled "Understanding the Impact: Newcastle Hailstorm of May 2023," we discussed the immediate aftermath of the storm and the swift response of the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA). Now, as we revisit the scene, let's take a closer look at the progress made and the Rebuild Relief's ongoing efforts to assist the Newcastle community.

Accessing the Newcastle Hailstorm:

In May 2023, a hailstorm hit Newcastle causing extensive damage to homes, vehicles, and infrastructure. The aftermath of the storm was marked by a surge in insurance claims and power outages. The Insurance Council of Australia identified it as a Significant Event, highlighting the scale of the impact.

Hail Trace has provided an illustrative map that shows the extent of damage caused during the recent event. The area that was affected is marked in green on the map. The hailstorm that occurred during this event was particularly severe, with hailstones measuring 4cm in diameter.

A Hail Trace map of Newcastle Hailstorm incident on November 2nd

Source: Hail Trace App, 8 January 2024

Community Resilience:

Following the storm, the people of Newcastle demonstrated remarkable resilience and solidarity by coming together to support each other during the cleanup and recovery efforts. Local authorities and support organizations also worked closely together to overcome the challenges and restore normalcy to the affected areas. This strong sense of community spirit played a vital role in building resilience and ensuring that the region could recover from the disaster.

Insights from the Bureau of Meteorology:

Significant progress has been made in the months following the storm. The Bureau of Meteorology's data indicates extreme weather conditions during that period, underlining the need for a robust recovery plan. According to the Bureau of Meteorology's Daily Weather Observations for Newcastle in May 2023 (BOM, May 2023), the storm brought strong wind gusts of 87km/h and heavy rainfall, reaching 50.2mm.

Since it was the highest wind gusts and daily rainfall recorded during the storm, this data can help inform future preparedness measures to mitigate the impact of such extreme weather events. You may want to check out our previous blog where we ranked the top 5 weather apps to help you prepare for storm season.

Claimsco and Rebuild Relief Efforts:

Rebuild Relief is committed to providing comprehensive support to those affected by the May 2023 Newcastle hailstorm Our experienced claims management team from Claimsco has helped hundreds of individuals and families navigate the complexities of post-disaster recovery through their insurance providers. We pride ourselves on being independent to the insurance companies, allowing us to be dedicated to getting you the best outcome.


As Newcastle continues to move forward, the wounds inflicted by the hailstorm are slowly healing. This is largely due to the resilient spirit of the community and the invaluable support provided by organizations such as Rebuild Relief. Although the journey towards complete recovery is still ongoing, the unity and determination displayed by the people of Newcastle indicate a brighter and more resilient future ahead.

If you or your family were affected by the recent hail storm, please contact us today via our contact form or call us at 1800 953 644.

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