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About Us

The Rebuild Relief Difference

About Us

'Our commitment to our clients and our dedication to providing exceptional service'


At Rebuild Relief, we are reshaping the claims management industry through integrity and a commitment to excellence. Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service and support to our clients whilst working to uphold the integrity of Australia's insurance claim industry.

As a fully licensed insurance claims assessor, we specialise in serving homeowners. We offer a 100% free roof inspection to homeowners, providing thorough inspections and assessments, in order to proceed claims with their insurance providers.

Our dedication to ensuring hassle-free experiences for our clients and simplifying the often daunting process of insurance claims is ultimately what sets us apart. We consistently strive to deliver the best outcomes for homeowners affected by adverse weather events, by advocating for their rights and ensuring that every Australian homeowner receives the full compensation they rightfully deserve.

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Lucy Gavin

General Manager

Our General Manager of Claims, is responsible for our Operations, Commercial, Residential and Complex Divisions at ClaimsCo.

Adrian Fowler

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Chief Marketing Officer leads a team of specialists across Brand, Marketing, Paid Search and Social, Public Relations, Outreach, Business to Business partnerships.



Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

Our Chief Risk and Compliance Officer (CRCO) is responsible for our Legal, Risk and Compliance Divisions at ClaimsCo.

Reinhart Jacobs

Group Financial Controller

Our group financial controller is responsible for ensuring that all finance-related functions meet AASB standards and adhere to group policies.


Megan Jack

Head of People and Culture

Our Head of People and Culture, with extensive experience in operational leadership and human resources management, orchestrates transformative initiatives to cultivate talent, foster a positive work environment, and ensure sustainable growth, positioning our company for long-term success.

Brett Becker

General Manager of Sales

Our General Manager of Sales is responsible for leading the sales team and driving business growth through strategic planning and effective leadership.

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